TIANYS Welcomes New Board Member Steward Lennox


The Interfaith Alliance of NYS, welcomes new Board Member Steward Jeremiah Bruce Lennox to the Board of Directors.

Members of TIANYS unanimously elected Jeremiah Lennox to the board at its January meeting in Albany, NY at the First Public Session of 2017. In a phone call this morning, Chair Lou Ismay welcomed the new board member and welcomed his commitment to genuine religious freedom: “This is going to be a challenging year, where we have the challenge centered in the White House, and in that conversation is the question of how do we stand for what is right and just in this country? Be prepared to work together, to stand up and make phone calls or whatever needs to be said so that others will know that we do not approve of hatred & bigotry. Solidarity and unity are key going forward. Welcome to the good fight. I look forward to working with you this next year,” said Ismay.

Jeremiah Lennox is a Druid that has served as a chaplain for the Occupy Albany Movement, and is continuing to be a champion for social justice in the Capital Region and beyond. Founder of the Assembly of Capital District Pagans in 2011 and thereafter ordained by the elders of the Blue Line Circle on Samhain 2012, he has become the co-creator of a contemplative sacred space, the Nemeton of the Ways, and seeks to offer his services as a modern ‘nature priest’. Steward Jeremiah is also a Druid Apprentice of the Druid College in Maine, was born in Amsterdam, NY; and currently resides in Ballston Spa.

Steward Jeremiah’s Nemeton of the Ways is a Druidic eco-shrine nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Ballston Spa, NY and is dedicated to serving the Gods, Folk, and Land through nurturing a reverence for the Earth and all her children. The Nemeton, a Celtic term for a holy grove, and its work is facilitated through the collaboration of its own College of Clergy as well as the goodwill of the local community.

“Steward Jeremiah will make our board stronger and more diverse,” said Interfaith Alliance board member Derek Healey. “We are all so happy that he is joining us at what will prove to be a pivotal moment for the organization, and our country.”

The Interfaith Alliance of NYS is an affiliate of the national Interfaith Alliance based in Washington, DC. Founded in 1996 by the late Edward Bloch, a much beloved interfaith hero, who saw a need for a local grassroots organization in the Capital Region that provided a mainstream, faith-based voice on issues involving justice and peace. TIANYS is a membership organization open to all people of faith, including those not affiliated with any congregation. For more information visit interfaithnys.org


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