In accordance with our updated mission and vision, OUR STRATEGY in 2017 will be centered around:

  1. The Sanctuary Movement: Refugee & Immigrant Human Rights
  2. Restorative Justice: Mass Incarceration and #RaisetheAgeNY Reform
  3. Environmental Justice: Pipelines & Other Ecological Concerns
  4. Poverty: The Various Levels of Impoverishment.


  • Supporting Diversity by Building Community.
  • Acting for Compassion, Equality, and Justice.
  • Preserving & Protecting Our Environment.
  • Challenging Unjust Power Structures in Our Society.

In the Capital District we have:
Sponsored Stop the Hate Vigils in partnership with the College of St. Rose, and the Unity Dinner at the University at Albany.

Joined with the Capital Area Council of Church’s “Blessed Ramadan” Campaign. Joined with the Capital District Coalition Against Islamophobia to counter anti-Muslim hostility, and again with the Veterans for Peace to register over 100 individuals to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Supported Prisoners of the Census, and issued a formal letter opposing the Census Bureau’s Gerrymandering Residence Rules.

Co-sponsored the Annual North Star Interfaith Peace Walk, which had over 130 participants and Keynote Speaker Assemblywoman Pat Fahy.

Sponsored workshops and public forums encouraging alternatives to war and allowing diplomatic solutions to be developed and implemented.

SEE OUR PUBLIC SESSIONS page for more details.