We welcome all faiths, worldviews, and non-faith traditions to join us in 2017 to stand for social justice in the Capital Region and beyond.



We are committed to an interfaith community wherein our diverse faith traditions offer their wisdom and sacred power to our society.

Founded in 1996, The Interfaith Alliance of NYS continues to dedicate itself on a foundation which supports diversity by building community; acts for compassion, equality, and justice; preserves & protects the environment; and challenges unjust power structures in our society. The role of the TIANYS is to promote the positive healing role of religion in public life and challenge religious and political extremism.

We are currently looking to expand our membership to include underrepresented worldviews. PLEASE JOIN US!



We look forward to hearing from you! Please fill in the sections below.14485081_10210673286772444_9066893160689119476_n